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SHilov N. V.

Ph. D. (Math.), Senior Researcher, A. P. Ershov Institute of Informatics Systems, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences

Education value of classification of computer languages

Classification of computer languages has a crucial importance for educating new generations of Computer Scientists and Information Technology specialists. The article presents some experience with classification of computer languages, programming paradigms and programming contest problems. It also analyses perspectives of ontological and semantic approaches to computer languages classification that are under development with support of grant № 08-01-00 899-a of Russian Basic research Foundation.


Parallel Programming as Programming Paradigm

Paper presents in an elementary manner the basic concepts of parallel programming and discusses relations of this programming paradigm to other programming paradigms. It tries to clarify these relations by careful consideration of some important methodological questions: what are «Programming Paradigms» in general, how to specify «classical» programming paradigms (i. e. imperative, functional, and logical) and paradigm of parallel programming, what are the relations between Programming Paradigms and Programming Languages, does it make sense to construct a comprehensive («universal») programming language for parallel programming, how to introduce parallel programming to novices. Imperative programming