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№1(109) 2024

  • A method for predicting bank customer churn based on an ensemble machine learning model
  • Fault diagnosis of synchronous generators by computer simulation of an external magnetic field
  • Mathematical model for the design of linear asynchronous electric motors and its software implementation
  • Mathematical model of a horse rider simulator and its program implementation in the “Wolfram Mathematica” computer mathematics system
  • Probabilistic prediction of “irrational” decisions from semantic composition of contexts
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№6(108) 2023

  • Analysis and testing of neural network TCP/IP packet routing algorithms in private virtual tunnels
  • Scenario-information analysis and modeling of adaptive training of specialists groups based on a fuzzy ontological approach
  • A mechanism for managing business process elements using its digital twin
  • Improvement of contactless fare payment by ground urban passenger transport based on geolocation
  • Optimal inventory rating control based on the evolutionary simulation model
  • Using molecular dynamics method for a decentralized UAV autonomous self-governance system
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№5(107) 2023

  • Computer program for modeling the technical quality indicators of inductors of linear asynchronous electric motors
  • Mathematical modeling of electromechanical model of exoskeleton with three active controlled links
  • Method of two-stage cybersecurity incidents fuzzy clustering for economic entities
  • Neuroregulator of the complex technological system for processing ore waste
  • Verification of the personality of subjects by face based on neural network algorithms of artificial intelligence performed in protected mode
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№4(106) 2023

  • Development of models for the automated formation of competencies of a cybersecurity specialist based on a scenario approach
  • Greedy heuristic of orthogonal polyhedra placement for optimized solution of irregular shape object packing problems
  • Intelligent system of bulk raw material quality assessment based on YOLOv5 and ViT neural networks
  • Mathematical modeling of the assessment of credibility in a message in social networks on Russian language
  • Modeling the processes of social self-organization of intelligent agents
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№3(105) 2023

  • Algorithms for composing efficient business models
  • DVCompute++ Simulator: decomposition for discrete event simulation
  • Functional formation of a neuromorphic reservoir computational element based on a memristive metamaterial
  • On segmentation of brain tumors by MRI images with deep learning methods
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№2(104) 2023

  • Algorithm for identifying threats to information security in distributed multiservice networks of government bodies
  • Structural modeling of existing and improved control algorithms for thyristor switching devices of uninterruptible power supply units for auxiliary needs of nuclear power plants
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№1(103) 2023

  • Development of an integrated space-time database, characterizing an effects of climate change
  • Software for detecting “hidden miners” in a browser environment
  • Using econometric models to forecast fixed asset investments
  • An intelligent model for managing the risks of violation of the characteristics of electromechanical devices in a multi-stage system for processing ore raw materials
  • Model of intelligent planning of robot behavior in a team of robots
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№6(102) 2022

  • Building the mathematical model of the decision support system in the field of pricing for e-commerce
  • Neural network analysis of coronary artery stenoses: assessment of the accuracy and speed of promising architectures
  • On anomalies detection in electrocardiograms with unsupervised deep learning methods
  • Method of structural synthesis of a technical vision system for the problem of area measurement
  • Neural network model for determining the regulations parameters in the technological process of ore raw materials processing
  • Simulation modeling of the adaptive speed identifier of an induction motor of a sintering machine
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№5(101) 2022

  • An approach to the design of a neural network for the formation of an individual trajectory of knowledge testing
  • Development of a secure neural traffic tunneling system with post-performance evaluation
  • Intelligent soft package for modeling the planning process of multi‑assortment industrial production
  • Neural network analysis method of heat treatment processes of pelletized phosphate ore raw materials
  • Transformation of numerical scales for pairwise comparisons: AHP, Dematel, BWM, SWARA
  • The task of extracting data from a simulation program to build a digital twin of production using the example of Unisim Design
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