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Bugorskij V. N.

Ph. D (Econ.), Professor, Chair of Information Systems in Economy, Saint-Petersburg State Economic University

Mathematical modeling of a virtual enterprise money flow

Nowadays economic activity explosion is characterized by enterprises expansion into the international markets and multinational companies' growth. The economic activity traditional forms displacement into the net medium affects the economy globalization process essentially. Far from being investigated, the phenomenon even has not uniform interpretation by the scientific economists' community indicating the need for the net economy issues study.

Using neuron network modeling for volatility influencing factors assessment

The problem of a disturbance index calculation is discussed. This index movement data may be used to estimate various effects that influence equity market and provide the prediction models constructing process with useful additional infor¬mation. The method suggested makes it possible to form a learning sample in such a way that enables an analyst to apply at most his/her knowledge and experience for neuron networks explor¬ing.


Information systems for support of planning on the enterprises of communication

In this article the basic methodological problems connected with introduction of information systems for support of planning on the enterprises of communication are considered. Ways of overcoming of such problems are specified. The comparative analysis of two information systems most widespread in the market is given.

Simulating a virtual enterprise market value

A contemporary economic activity growth is associated with the processes of business expansions to international markets and multinational companies establishing. The economic activity conventional forms transformation into the net medium forms empowers the world economy globalization process. However this phenomenon nor has been studied nor so far is commonly accepted by economists community thus asserting the demand for net economy theory elaborating.

Using neural networks at the trader’s work

Neural networks are based on artificial intelligence algorithms. They serve as a modern tool for forecasting stock market performance,. Thanks to its wide use in various fields of science, neural networks have proven to be a flexible forecasting tool that can solve a wide range of tasks and provide support to the trader in his work.


Quality management during testing of means of electronic techniques

The standard of quality planned by the technical project, on the one hand, should be rather high to meet the requirements of the consumer, and on another, should conform to a technological level of improved production and to be economically balanced. Thus, at preparation of the technological task those technical and technological parameters that would define quality of a product are laid. In article approaches to automation of testing of products of electronic techniques are considered.


Modeling virtual enterprises cash flows

Current rapid economic activity growth is associated with access to international markets and the development of multi-national companies. The process of economic globalization facilitates the movement of traditional economic activities into the network environment. However, this phenomenon is not only understood, but also has a common interpretation among economic scholars, indicating a need for research considering the network economy.

Evaluating the enterprise information system structure using graph-analytical models

The present paper is dedicated to application of the grapho-analytical methods and economic-mathematical models in order to ensure optimal configuration (from the economical point of view) of the structure of corporate information system. Methods of the graph theory are used in order to build indexes of topology and interaction of the structure. A complex index of quality of structure of corporate information system is proposed. It is demonstrated that it is necessary to use both technical and economical approaches in order to correctly assess the structure of information system. Read more...