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Journal archive

№6(36) December 2011 - february 2011 year


IT business

Market processes modeling

Computer simulation based on multi-agent approach to the problem of telecommunication companies management is considered and the structure of multi-component multi-agent system for market analyses is proposed.

IT management

Corporate information systems

Author: K. Gudkov

The problem of intra-corporate lookup tables’ integration in master data management systems is presented. The position of the problem in the general problem was indicated. Mathematical model of data unification and corresponding software program are implemented.

3D modeling

Virtual reality

Author: A. Gorbunov

The paper describes the flight simulator with augmented reality pilot interface (patent protected). The paper describes the flight simulator with pilot’s interface developed in the university educational and training center and the design of experiments proving the effectiveness of such an interface.

The article describes the three years’ experience of Humanities Institute of the Siberian Federal University research team in the field of creating virtual reconstructions of historical and cultural heritage. Methodological approaches to the construction of complex three-dimensional objects on the example of constructing 3d-models of the Troickaya, Uspenskaya, Voskresenskaya, Preobrazhenskaya churches, Bogoyavlensky cathedral, Spassky monastery are presented. Implementation of the author’s approach in terms of three-dimensional modeling allows the use of three-dimensional models in real time based on 3d-engine.

Mathematical tools

The stage-by-stage modeling of the automobile body by the multiparameter equations with alphabetic parameters for geometrical characteristics and a technique of the surfaces equations of construction with continuous curvature function with the help of R-functions is considered. The work of new high-speed system of the equations of geometrical objects surfaces visualization in 3D is illustrated.

IT and education

Training technologies

Testing technology is presented assuming that students input test results immediately after the lecture to the relevant page of the cathedral web server from their personal computers, and the teacher reads the results in automatic mode from the cathedral Web server and processes them. So manual entry of the test results is eliminated and protection against cheating is provided. Software and technological tools requirements as well as specific implementation features are described.


Author: V. Kaganov

Information education technology application in the corporate «Norilsk Nickel» university is discussed. Large-scale application of distance learning courses allows satisfying the need for prompt and high quality teaching staff. To maintain the desired level of company staff computer simulators are actively being used. Learning technologies employed improve the efficiency of the educational process giving a positive effect on the competitiveness of the university.

Author: A. Emelyanov

Themes of the event cover a wide range of advanced technologies development and management decisions in the fields of e-learning, open and distance education. The conference was attended by leading Russian and foreign e-learning experts as well as major software vendors and developers of software and hardware solutions.

Software engineering

Algorithmic efficiency

Today analyzing data-races is a relevant problem because of complex architecture of the modern programs. The article introduces the model of concurrent threads execution that alows analyzing data-races statically. Target algorithms for the model are ones containing custom synchronization machinery and atomic operations. As opposed to known models of a concurrent execution the suggested model analyze the code at a lower level of instructions.

Information resources processing

Author: A. Dimitriev

The automatic Chuvash into Russian translation package features together with database used are presented.. The translation can be made with different versions of words. Various approaches to the use of semantics in translating Chuvash texts into Russian are investigated. The target language semantics optimization methods are compared.

Hardware and software systems

The process of developing an embedded operating system based on a GNU/Mach microkernel. The development was carried out by transferring the GNU/ Mach microkernel for the ARM architecture followed by development of the Ethernet driver, and running TCP/IP stack as a separate module servers. The comparative performance evaluation is presented.


Theory and practice

Author: V. Babishin

Technical state analysis of control objects task is being considered. An approach based on simulation of objects operation with nonstationary random processes in the form of Fourier integral in AnyLogic environment is suggested and stationary of the processes validated. This method dramatically increases the efficiency of decision-making processes while emergency situations preventing.

Development concepts

Author: A. Emelyanov

The conference was held on October 19 – 21 in the A. M. Gorky House of Scholars in St. Petersburg. Among the principle tasks were the development and generalization of the theory and simulation models qualimetry, experience exchanging, research results and practical applications discussions, introducing the latest automation and visualization tools, dissemination of theory and practice teaching experience.


Technology experiments

Author: I. Zinov`ev

The method of image comparison based on the construction of vector spaces of image attributes by Gaussian blurring is proposed. The results obtained show practical applicability of the algorithm, for example in the recognition process using just one sample per person (OSPP) stored in the database.

Execution of on-board geographic information applications is based on the use of spatial data. However airborne computer systems have quite limited computational power. To provide for the execution of resourceintensive on-board geographic information applications in an acceptable time, different means of situational adaptation of digital spatial data are used. The method described represents spatial data as a set of step-bystep approximations, which makes it possible to provide their situational adaptation by fetching data at the required level of detail.

Network technologies

Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy models have recently become a quite powerful engineering tool for complex systems modeling and control. However many tasks including the neurofuzzy identification and control stability problem are so far unsolved. The paper suggests the recurrent relaxation algorithm for identification of parameter consequents of Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy rules. Using «input-to-state» approach the stability of this algorithm is proving.

Author: A. Fercev

In this paper an implementation of neural network trained by algorithm based on Levenberg-Marquardt method is presented. With NVIDIA CUDA technology neural network training is accelerated from 8 to 100 times. Implemented neural network is applied for recognition of noisy images.

Teacher’s portfolio

Mathematical models in economy

Despite the existing software systems which allow making the financial calculations while providing assessment services, most practicing appraisers use mostly the MS Excel tools when determining market or other values. The reason for this is convenience and availability of formula editor. The paper considers an example of calculating the market value using the comparative approach to the assessment — a method of correlation-regression dependence in MS Excel environment.