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№6(36) 2011

  • R-functions in computer modeling of 3D car surface design
  • Using Fourier integral decomposition for on-line nonstationary processes analysis
  • Experience of developing and testing embedded microkernel operating system
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№5(35) 2011

  • Economic and mathematical model for trading company’s production effects forecasting and advertising expenses optimization
  • Structural and functional modeling of business processes
  • Software lag-generators for simulation of risk situations in Actor Pilgrim Simulation System
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№4(34) 2011

  • Recursive calculations process parallelizing for cube dichotomy fragmentation
  • Total Cost of Ownership Calculation for Travel Companies Web-based Projects
  • Simulation World: View from Russia
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№3(33) 2011

  • Applying cyclic decomposition method for searching latent periodicity in the financial time series
  • Automation of education quality management in institutions of higher education
  • Constructing integrated model for risk management of metallurgical enterprise
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№2(32) 2011

  • Technique of reduction of normally distributed macroeconomic number to normal distribution and estimations of a methodical error
  • Problem of creating software management development effectiveness of airport infrastructure
  • Difficulties in solving problems of planning and recording for organization information systems
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№1(31) 2011

  • Using neural networks at the trader’s work
  • Computer-aided system for joint investment funds evaluation using back-propagation neural nets
  • Design tariff policy for brokerage service clients based on adaptive clustering methods
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