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Journal archive

№3(33) June-july 2011 year


IT business

Financial market analysis

A method of the cyclic decomposition with runs test for searching latent periodicity in the financial time series has been developed. The method together with the method of information decomposition was applied to search periodicity in exchange rates, rates of major financial indices and stock prices. The presence of frequency equal to 7 days in financial ranks analyzed was demonstrated. The sources of periodicity in the financial ranks are discussed.

Expert’s opinion

Author: I. Artamonov

A lot of standards for description and execution of business processes developed in the XXI-th century by non-profit professional associations and software manufacturers. Brief description of the standards complimented by their evolution analysis is suggested. The characteristics and relationship of BPEL, XPDL and BPMN considered the most common notations are described.

IT management

Resource management

Authors: E. Larkin, D. Izotov

A method of data storage and information processing centers on the computer network optimal allocation that maximizes requests for information service flow density is described. Numerical experimental data demonstrating the method efficiency are presented.

IT in government programs

Information society

Author: A. Kosovec

Providing the necessary and sufficient level of information security is a key factor in transforming Russian society into information society. The article focuses on the formation and justification of the conditions for effective information security in Russia.

IT and education

Heroes of the day

Author: Yu. Rubin

Corresponding Member of RAS Professor Valery P. Meshalkin celebrates his seventy-year anniversary. «Applied Informatics» editorial board together with its authors and readers wish Valery Pavlovich happy birthday, healthy well-being and success.

Quality management

Higher school educational process is approached from system dynamic point of view and Forrester model. The method suggested aims to educational process quality control. Normalized higher school accreditation indicators are used to manage the task. To correct the model regressive analysis is introduced.

Author: D. Denisov

Implementation of quality management standards in institutions of higher education concern computerbased systems. Transition from quality management system to quality management system of education defines necessity of essential improvement software. This article concerns such questions as primary approaches of education quality management, realization and automation all appropriate management functions.

Training IT specialists

Author: A. Yurkov

March, 17 a roundtable devoted to discussion of new educational standards at the House of Scientists RAS (St. Petersburg) was held. The event’s participants agreed that while introduction of new training areas in universities it is desirable not to break the culture but to organize a broad discussion of similar standards in scientific journals so that universities have an opportunity to influence the content of educational standards. Educational Standards, informatics, information system, bachelor, master.

Software engineering

Defense software

Author: D. Silnov

An approach to remote monitoring software for protecting from false positive actions of antiviruses and firewalls is described. Modern defense techniques classification is suggested.

The hardware and software systems

Stand-alone boilers are widely used nowadays in the district heating utilities because of their autonomy and low cost of operation and deployment. Therefore, remote monitoring of such facilities becomes the challenge. Qualitative monitoring will help to reduce the costs of responding to accidents, and in some cases, avoid them altogether. Such objects may be significantly distant, and therefore organization of wireless monitoring seems to be rational. This project proposes an integrated development of remote monitoring based on different wireless technologies.


Theory and practice

Author: V. Artyuhin

At the end of 2010 the author was working on generalized simulation model of structured system for monitoring and management of engineering systems of buildings and constructions. A number of important conclusions originated during this project which stated in the article. The formulation the simulation model requirements is a crucial point defining abstraction level and major steps of its development.


Decision support systems

A method of risk management in the metallurgical enterprise is proposed. Activities specific features are considered and risk management process is decomposed in such a way that every task is mathematically described and allocated to one of the steps originated from the decomposition.

Teacher’s portfolio

System analysis

Author: A. Tatarova

Socio-economic systems development models are analyzed and dynamic modeling of economical systems based on informational approach for system analysis introduced by A. A. Denisov is suggested. Informational modeling advantages are demonstrated.

History of profession


Author: I. Kazakova

The historic aspects of Penza computer science making are considered. Penza scientific school was one their three in the USSR. Also a creation history of the first domestic computer by the example of the first computer family named «Ural» is described.