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№2(32) April-may 2011 year


IT business

Analysis of the economic systems

Author: A. Porunov

The most typical mistakes meeting in the modern domestic economic literature, in an estimation of adequacy of application of parametrical methods of statistical processing and the analysis of data are considered {examined}, in view of opportunities of Mathcad environment, is shown necessity of transition to robust nonparametric statistical methods.

IT management

Project management

Authors: D. Volkanov, D. Zorin

Software reliability growth models are mathematical models used to estimate the numerical features of the reliability of a project based on the testing data for some period. Though various reliability growth models exist, the criteria of selection of a model for the given project are not defined completely. Thus it is important to find a method of comparison of the models for applying the models and acquiring sensible results. This article surveys various software reliability growth models to examine the applicability of the models to open source projects and to define the method of their use; experiments with several large-scale open source projects are described. As a result of the experiments, various characteristics of the reliability of the selected projects were obtained, and hypotheses about the common features of the open source projects were formulated.

Performance management

The solution of problems of planning and operational records in the modern information systems still introduce some problems. The especially difficult specified problems dare in cases when technological process has stochastic character. Technological processes influencing planning problems and operational records have been considered in the article. Variants of the production planning model and the organization of constructing systems for operational records have been discussed.

Author: O. Smirnov

Development of information systems, implementing performance management is a relevant area of activity for all sectors of the real sector. In terms of active development of transport infrastructure in general and airport infrastructure in particular, the use of an approach to designing an information system on the basis of management practices related logistics flow reveals reserves improved performance.

IT in government programs

Protection of cultural heritage

In article is presented the original concept of architecture and internal structure of the information system allowing in a digital form to integrate the data of historical and cultural, archaeological, ethnographic researches about disappearing objects of a cultural heritage of Average Siberia. Project IS assumes use of new methods of interpretation, visualization and search of knowledge (Data Mining), and also technologies Xwiki, XML, ASP. NET, etc.

Informatization of management

Information systems are a supplementary means of obtaining data and may differ depending on the type of information storage, users, ways of update information and other indicators. In this paper is issued the problem of creating information systems for monitoring regional food markets, allowing acquisition rapid decisions and implement programs concerning the development of the institutional environment food markets on the basis of operational data. In particular, in specifying the type of information system, monitoring facilities, and provides information, calculation algorithms for information processing. Information systems

IT and education

Training of financial professionals

Author: N. Ivanov

The study extends a thorough research of information technologies most frequently used by inefficiently managed businesses. Adaptation of software to the needs of certain enterprise is performed by specially trained programmers. The software product is thus one of the soft set type. The author suggests that change of software generation used should be a part of company bailout plan and should include abandonment of fragmentary automation in favor of a comprehensive product, and of soft set products in favor of ones set parametrically. Educational project discussed in this study intends to train specialists capable of bringing revolutionary changes to informational technologies used in financial business management.

Author: V. Suhomlin

The higher education reform in Russia is carried out under the flag of the Bologna process. With this reform, the transition is related institutions of higher education to a new system of standards. The reform process stretched for many years that has angered the scientific community. This article contains criticism of the new standards and the ongoing reform. Provides an interesting example of translation in Applied Mathematics and Informatics at the bachelor's degree.

Software engineering

Models and althorithms

The article deals with special problems of research of environmental management and illustrated the principles of developing expert systems for process analysis on the extent of the territory for the following research topics:
— Problem of the formation of loess scurf resulting from the dust;
— Physico-chemical analysis of the problem of production-consumption of oxygen in the territorial and global scales. For each topic, there are descriptions of the principles and results of the application of expert systems.


Theory and practice

Author: S. Sorokin

There has been built a competition imitational model that implements behavior of many consumers and many suppliers interacting within a local market (of some product or service). This model allows to run a computational experiment reflecting the dynamics of sales volumes of each supplier at various initial conditions and parameters. A qualitative analysis of the model has been completed. An issue of applying formalism of Lagrange has been considered. Numerical analysis of the obtained results is completed.


Decision support systems

Author: K. ZHizhin

Medicine is one of fields of knowledge where an information technology considerably facilitates medical-diagnostic process. However regarding cases of weak awareness of doctors and medical workers with the average education in subtleties of IT (in particular statistical techniques) leads to incorrect outputs, and also serious diagnostic and prognosis errors. Dynamic rows is the main tool of the forecast of a situation for any treatment-and-prophylactic establishment: state or private.

Technology experiments

This article contains a short survey for problems encountered in practical face recognition systems and foreign solutions for decision this problem. There are come to conclusions about the inapplicability their solutions for decision this problem with one sample per person. The recognition model is briefly describes, which have good results for face recognition for One Sample per Person problem. A mathematical model based on subspaces of the attributes is proposed to solve the stability problem of recognition coupled with various distortions of recognizable images that arise in real systems. The work of the proposed model is checked and recognition errors are analyzed.

Study of processes and systems

Author: R. Grebennikov

This article discusses a new hybrid crowd behavior model, based on an approach of using multiple scalar fields and statistical data of real crowds to match model behavior with the behavior of real crowds. This word extends a Continuum crowd model with the ability to bypass local minimums. This model also supports heterogenous crowds. Accuracy of the model was tested on a set of statistical data collected from real crowds in a different situations. As a result, suggested hybrid crowd behavior model has smaller modeling error than continuum crowd and Reynolds models.

Expert systems

Author: D. Semenov

The model of structured expert discussion and graph presentation for using expert knowledge and its possible transformations are described. A set of algorithms for changing experts’ opinions in the frame of structured expert discussion, is proposed in the article.