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№6(78) 2018

  • Methods of SEO evaluation
  • Features of the functional approach to the internal environment of intelligent buildings management
  • Application of analysis of hierarchies in the choice of a method of automation of a company
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№5(77) 2018

  • Text processing and machine learning methods in HRM applications: opportunities and features
  • Research of interactive learning influence on students soft skills development
  • Digital retail transformation: architectural approach
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№4(76) 2018

  • IoT-platform design for smart buildings energy management
  • Do candidates and doctors of science in software engineering need to modernize and technological development of the Russian economy?
  • Model instrumentation of strategic management of industrial enterprise
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№3(75) 2018

  • Algorithmic and information support of innovative project management in conditions of uncertainty
  • Bacterial optimization and complex swarm-simulation modeling of innovative projects’ promotion into the regions
  • The mathematical models and algorithms of operational control for equipment TPP
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№2(74) 2018

  • Specialized procedures for synchronizing the activities of agile project participants
  • Computer educational game software development «Virtual Museum of the Future». Interaction of information technology and art
  • Development of a software tool for finding the optimal portfolio of wholesale purchases of a trading enterprise
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№1(73) 2018

  • Economical information system lifecycle management based on decentralized application theory
  • The application of economic and mathematical methods in the management of locomotive brigades on the Moscow metro
  • Planning of activities in the IT-company in conditions of uncertainty taking into account the use of cloud services
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