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№6(30) 2010

  • System information models of forecasting of dynamics of development of economic systems
  • Modeling monitoring processes
  • About adequacy of systems of imitating modelling GPSS World and AnyLogic
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№5(29) 2010

  • Adaptive planning the staff number in distant education
  • Stock prices forecasting model based on Walsh functions and Markov chain theory
  • Some Problems of Computer-Aided Simulation Study Systems Development
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№4(28) 2010

  • Using of fuzzy sets for creating of person's psychological portrait
  • Using Internet for support of decision-making in industrial enterprise's management
  • Оценка величины риска при ликвидации чрезвычайных ситуаций
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№3(27) 2010

  • A simulation technique for sophisticated models
  • University Information System RUSSIA: data bases and value-added services for innovative statistical education
  • System-oriented and process-oriented approaches to proactive information services systems design
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№2(26) 2010

  • Approaches and principles of preparation of the future public relations specialists to using information and communication technologies
  • System architecture for a collaboration technologies development
  • Program package for the optimal parametrical identification of dynamic models: application for forecasting of socially— economic system dynamics of the USA
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№1(25) 2010

  • Economic dynamics simulation
  • SAAS solutions of IT industry leaders
  • Optimal average size of commission definition at agribusiness enterprises risks insurance
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