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№6(24) 2009

  • Education value of classification of computer languages
  • The analysis of socio-economic data by methods of multidimensional scaling
  • «Living» documents within digital libraries
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№5(23) 2009

  • The expansion of the 1C: Enterprise technological platform. Competitive advantages and adoption practice
  • Using neuron network modeling for volatility influencing factors assessment
  • Stochastic network queuing theory models
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№4(22) 2009

  • Simulating of ruin process of insurance company by Monte-Carlo method
  • Graphic image-models in information technologies
  • The analysis of problems in multilevel structure of the computer-mediated communications
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№3(21) 2009

  • Econometric and Simulation Methods application for Commercial Bank Liquidity Evaluation
  • Building an economic monitoring information system
  • Choosing a Location for University Branch: Model and Logistic Analysis Approach
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№2(20) 2009

  • The Runet Internet Links Markets Activity Research
  • Banking technique and technology of accounting process
  • Three-dimensional visualization of territory municipal formations for management of municipal systems
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№1(19) 2009

  • Mathematical modeling of a virtual enterprise money flow
  • Power company information system automated auditing
  • IT-strategy as a business development feedback tool
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