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№6(84) 2019

  • Approach to creating applications for non-core teacher functions
  • Users authentication by the dynamics of keystrokes when using automatic proctoring systems
  • Comparative evaluation of the educational-methodical documentation generation software functional completeness
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№5(83) 2019

  • New applications of competency models in human resource management
  • Mechanisms of adaptation of educational programs to labor market requirements: experience in Business Informatics
  • Planning business analysis in a company using methodology Agile
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№4(82) 2019

  • Algorithms for the correct visualization of two- and three-dimensional orthogonal polyhedrons
  • Application of the kd-trees for the ray tracing optimization in the optical system
  • Application of modified genetic algorithm for solving the ask of formation credit portfolio
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№3(81) 2019

  • Expert diagnostic system using growing pyramidal networks for analyzing the possible pre-crisis state of metallurgical enterprises
  • Implementation and optimization of the ray tracing algorithm in the optical system
  • Online trading fraud
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№2(80) 2019

  • Mobile application technologies in business
  • Software system to automate the preparation and registration orders in the higher education institution
  • Information technologies for forecasting the economic processes of financial bubbles control
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№1(79) 2019

  • Data Mining applicability study for the telecommunications company’s customers analysis
  • Using the Unity multiplatform environment to visualize educational information
  • Applications of the sentiment polarity dictionaries for the textual analysis
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№6(78) 2018

  • Methods of SEO evaluation
  • Features of the functional approach to the internal environment of intelligent buildings management
  • Application of analysis of hierarchies in the choice of a method of automation of a company
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№5(77) 2018

  • Text processing and machine learning methods in HRM applications: opportunities and features
  • Research of interactive learning influence on students soft skills development
  • Digital retail transformation: architectural approach
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№4(76) 2018

  • IoT-platform design for smart buildings energy management
  • Do candidates and doctors of science in software engineering need to modernize and technological development of the Russian economy?
  • Model instrumentation of strategic management of industrial enterprise
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