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№3(57) 2015

  • Analysis of intelligent information systems on the example of сCRM and ERP
  • Organizational management of information technology in corporate structures
  • Comparative analysis sites of searching wholesale suppliers according to the criterion of functional completeness
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№2(56) 2015

  • Strategic aspects of interaction between the electronic and mobile businesses
  • Successful promotion of the brand in social networks: factor analysis
  • Design of distributed information systems management of air transport route network development
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№1(55) 2015

  • Evaluation of professional skills based on Choquet integral
  • Knowledge applications for agent synchronization in the parallel discrete-event simulation
  • On the efficiency of information systems and the method of its estimation
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№6(54) 2014

  • The concept for creation of service corporate information systems of economic industrial energy cluster
  • Applied method for government and municipal services information system development
  • On the experience of computer graphics lessons using free software
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№5(53) 2014

  • simulation of instruction set extension for transactional memory of modern central processors
  • Visual and sound notification program for spacecraft constellation control system
  • Analysis of IT effect model based on a structural approach
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№4(52) 2014

  • The complex research equipment of collective employment management system on cloud technologies base
  • Using ontologies for creation and operation of financial data warehouses
  • Software development subsystem registry and cadastre rao subsurface storage in the system SSAC RS and RW
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№3(51) 2014

  • Providing business processes with consumables based on cloud technologies
  • Evaluating the enterprise information system structure using graph-analytical models
  • Open data: problems and solutions
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№2(50) 2014

  • The estimate methodics of business process management system readiness level to information technology introduction
  • Application of qualitative data analysis methods for analytical research planning, specification of its goals and tasks
  • Methodological and program-technological aspects of the implementation of process management in the IT company
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№1(49) 2014

  • The process approach to project management system construction
  • A method of determining the process goals, tasks and requirements
  • Integration of automated information systems and information retrieval systems based on system models
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